Opinion de Mark acerca de Apocalipto

 Pues hace pocos dias escribi en el foro de EPICA para saber la opinion de Mark acerca de esta pelicula y pues recibi contestacion mas pronto de lo que esperaba, pongo lo que escribio en el foro y lo que escribio en su myspace acerca de la pelicula:


Foro de EPICA: 

We will probably come to Mexico at the end of this year.
About the movie... indeed I wrote a short article about it, what can I add? Made by someone who hardly knows anything about the maya culture. A huge missed chance. I expected much about this movie.
Forgiveness is not for sale, nor is the will to forget

Y pondre lo que hay en su myspace:

As I'm very much interested in the maya culture and gained a lot of knowledge about it during the past years I have paid a visit to the movie Apocalypto.

My conclusion is short and simple: 

Amusement - 6 out of 10
Historical value - 0 out of 10

I am very disappointed that Mel Gibson shows a wrong or at least too unilateral image of the Maya culture.
It shows nothing of the whisdom, science and knowledge of the maya people but he let it looks like they were only bloodthirsty barbarians. Just to make an exciting movie for the masses.


Con lo cual estoy completamente de acuerdo ya que realmente muestra una mala imagen de la cultura maya, muestra al pueblo maya como Sodoma y Gomorra, pidiendo sangre, corazones, etc, y no muestra el verdadero conocimiento que poseian, etc. Y como dice Mark solo para hacer una excitante pelicula para las masas. Gracias Mark.